New Cat Pen Area

The Cat and Rabbit Rescue


To fit out 6000sq ft unit with 52 individual pens. Supply and provide internal windows and doors. Sheath entire pen area in a way which allows easy cleaning. Minimise bacteria build up to ensure a wipe clean surface within a hygienic environment.

Achieving our Objectives

Our highly skilled carpenters fitted out the unit with 52 pens using ply. Experienced GRP laminators applied the GRP from floor to ceiling (sheathed) ensuring that the corners were smooth and rounded.

Our door manager fitted UPVC doors and windows throughout the pen area. Galvanised mesh was fitted by our metal fabricator to the roof and doors, as well as steel doors for the walkways.

The Result

This unique bespoke design consisting of seamless corner less pens, that we created, has allowed the staff of the centre to wash the entire area without the worry of dirt or bacteria building up. The smooth, wipeable finish which can be achieved with fibreglass has resulted in an easy to clean, hygienic surface.

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  • The Apple Barn Manor Nursery
    Lagness Road
    West Sussex
    PO20 1LJ