Satellite Base Station, Fibreglass Concealment

Replica Tile, gutter and stone work


To manufacture stone effect 6m x 5.2m wall panels, 2.2m x 5.3m slate effect roof panels and gutter.

Panels and gutter to replicate existing fabric of building.

GRP to be made to enable pentration from housed satellite dish.

Panels to be completely water resistant and structurally sound.

Achieving our Objectives

Site survey carried out to establish dimensions, colour and texture.

Wooden framework constructed to house slate panel mould.

Pattern produced as a one piece component and one mould taken.

Suitable thickness of fibreglass applied and GRP slate roof produced.

A similar process was carried out to produce the wall panel and guttering.

The Result

A full-length gutter and two one piece components, which match and blend with existing materials. The panels are completely water proof. They have the correct specification and thickness to allow the outlet from the satellite dishes to penetrate. The finish of the panels is in keeping with the national park surroundings.

Case Studies


  • The Apple Barn Manor Nursery
    Lagness Road
    West Sussex
    PO20 1LJ