Khanjars Oman Bank Logo


To recreate 15 components (called Khanjars) in three different sizes to make up the logo for Bank Muscat in Oman using GRP. Component to have a red, smooth, spotless and reflective finish.

The red coloured gel to be as resistant to sun and light damage as possible and be resilient to temperatures up to 55 degrees centigrade.

Achieving our Objectives

Our in-house sculptor worked the (Close Cell) Structural foam into the required shape to make the pattern, in three different sizes Small 908 x 465mm, Medium 1990 x 1024mm and Large 3005 x 1550mm.

Our laminators used the shaped foam as patterns to make the moulds for the 3 sizes.

To create the flawless finish of the Khanjars we sprayed them with the specialist spray gelcoat which was UV stable.

The Result

After leaving our works the Khanjars were taken and installed, by others, on to the building for Bank Muscat in Oman.

The brilliant red finish leaves a striking and impressive look on the external of the building and gives a stylish, sleek image to the inside.

Case Studies


  • The Apple Barn Manor Nursery
    Lagness Road
    West Sussex
    PO20 1LJ