Fibreglass Rock Concealment


To manufacture and install 3 replica rocks to conceal communication dishes in Wales. The rocks to be in 3 different sizes and made to be undetectable within the environment and fit onto the contours of the landscape of the Welsh National Park. Build to fit over and conceal concrete plinth below.

Rocks to be designed in a way that will allow the radio signals to penetrate the GRP without disturbance (to reduce the DB loss).

A door to allow access to the dishes needs to be incorporated into the design, with all fixings and hinges to be concealed.

Achieving our Objectives

Our surveying team and artist carried out a number site surveys to gather samples of rock, take photographs and make up colour match swatches. Using a compass, they recorded the orientation of the rocks’ linage/ weathering. They took impressions of the rock surface using alginate (rapid drying organic casting material) and establish location in order to resolve any installation issues.

We built a plinth from timber to the exact measurements of the concrete one, which the large rock would settle over onsite.

Onto the plinth we placed large blocks of structural foam and then using the samples and photographs, our sculptor/ artist shaped the 3.5 m wide x 1600mm high x 5.5 m long pattern for the largest rock.

Using further pattern making techniques we eventually took a glass fibre mould from the pattern, sectioning it off to enable us to transport it later. Our artist then added some detail to the surface.

The same process was used to manufacture the other two rocks.

The three rocks where then transported in sections to north Wales.

Once in situ, the rocks where reassembled and finished with surface paint and some camouflage material taken from the surrounding terrain.

The Result

Three rocks of varying size that efficiently house and conceal communication dishes. The DB loss has been kept to a minimum and the stealth quality has kept them virtually undetectable. All fixings, hatches and concrete plinths are hidden from sight. The rocks are completely sympathetic to the surrounding environment, you wouldn't even know they were there.

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