GRP Birds sculptures

These charming aerodynamic birds with there distinctive orange and dark blue colours have flown the nest from our factory in Chichester and have set up home in several Intu shopping centres the length and breadth of the country.


To take the 2D company logo and transform into various size 3D fibreglass components. The Birds come in 300, 400, 800 and 1500mm lengths. The birds needed to be light and deliverable. The surface colour to be durable, with a gloss orange and matt blue/black. The birds needed a fixing and stand appropriate for each size that will enable the birds to be securely fixed and easy to install.

Achieving our Objectives

Firstly, our concept team engineered a design to allow the birds to be made in two halves and bonded together.

Once the concept and designs were finalised, CAD drawings were used to allow model block CNC patterns to be produced.

Our team of laminators then set about manufacturing the GRP moulds.

Once the moulds were fully prepared the team began the process of production, taking mouldings from the production mould.

The two halves were then carefully bonded together. During this process, a small insert for the stand was introduced internally. The join was then flattened and fared leaving no trace of a seam.

Preparation for spraying then took place, being careful not to disturb the fine line detail that separated the two colours.

The birds were then painted with an automotive spray paint.

The handmade bespoke screw-in stands were then tested in each bird and then disassembled again ready for packing.

Each 300 and 400mm bird was hand packed and hand delivered to each location. (Some of them even laid chocolate eggs on their journey, giving their recipients a pleasant surprise on arrival).

At this stage we are still manufacturing the larger birds. We have built bespoke stainless-steel stands for each bird and engineered it to have a locking system so that the birds will be securely fixed. We are in the process of organising the installation of the larger birds, which are to be perched on rooftops, balconies and the sides of buildings. So, keep your eyes peeled at your local Intu shopping centre.

The Result

A flock of beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing birds manufactured in various sizes and displayed in public spaces around the UK. Securely fixed and painted to with-stand weathering. The birds are lightweight meaning they are easy to install or move around if needed. We have successfully taken a 2D image and transformed it into a 3D sculptural GRP component, making this project a real tweet!

Case Studies


  • The Apple Barn Manor Nursery
    Lagness Road
    West Sussex
    PO20 1LJ