NEWS: Horse Power!
Colin, Karen, Penny and Mike. Great South Run 2013

Bupa's Great South Run 2013 THEY DID IT!! The team of four including Jago Managing Director Colin Farren completed The 10 mile run whilst carrying a life size glassfibre horse in gale force winds in 2 hours 26 minutes!

The 10 mile run took place on Sunday in Southsea. It turns out the wind was in the wrong direction and Colin describes how at one point, when they turned onto the seafront, he was literally leaning forward pushing the horse against the force of the wind...what a gallant effort by all team. Well done Colin, Mike, Karen and Penny you are amazing and truly truly bonkers!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of you who have already made a pledge and for all of the fantastic comments and words of support. Wessex Cancer Trust is a fantastic charity and they have consistently been in contact over the past few weeks thanking the team for the money raised and expressing their delight in the amount of exposure and attention that our lovely Warhorse brought on the day. We would love to be able to hit the target of £2000 that we set for them, we are so so close....lets see if we can raise that last bit! please visit to make a donation (or just to read some of the funny comments left by others) Thank you again.

Special thanks goes out to Derek Piper who made a wonderful job of painting and really bringing our Warhorse to life, Thanks Derek!

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